SAIC / 2020
Acrylic, time-based animation, projector, fish cord.

Threshold is a time-based light-projection installation created as an alternative form of experiential storytelling based on my research-based practice on the concepts of identity, memory and belonging. This project was created as an abstract approach to my ongoing process of gathering my childhood and family narratives. The rug motif is an illustration designed out of memory based off of an amalgamation of rugs and textiles that were in my various homes while growing up in Palestine. 

The “Oriental” rug, a product of a traditionally ‘feminine’ craft, defines the home, and a shared, communal space, and embodies both spirituality and nomadism. By drawing the rug out of memory from my childhood, I am exploring the transformative role of the rug as a metaphor for waiting – a state of limbo and in-betweenness – and the lack of closure stemming from unpredictable realities and unreliable memory. In this iteration, abstract shapes fade and flicker in and out onto the surface of the suspended acrylic rug to create a disorienting and uncomfortable experience. Through its ethereality, unconventional material, and its suspension within the space, the rug reflects the juxtaposition between fragility and rigidity, and creates a space for reflection and interaction that morphs and shapes according to the viewer’s perspective.

This piece reflects my perceived position within my familial heirarchy, and my cultural and political status as a Palestinian woman living in-between worlds.